Microsoft Azure Review

What is Microsoft Azure? We can describe Microsoft Azure as a set of tools, services and set of templates which use to improve the productivity of and IT / Software engineer. Microsoft Azure has number of features and functionalities which built by the Microsoft Corporation. IT Professionals using Azure to build and maintain enterprise, Web, […]

Google Cloud Platform – Introduction

Hi friends, You might be new to Google cloud platform or maybe you would simply like to check out GCP’s breadth and deploy some application or learn about google cloud’s big data and machine learning capabilities in any case, welcome let me take you around. Our starting point is This is where you will […]

Cloud Computing – Basic Concepts (1)

Hello Everyone, So as the first article of Cloud Computing Basic Concepts, we’re going to discuss about what is cloud computing, why cloud computing and when we need it. Basically we can say that Cloud is the internet. Cloud can provide its service for the public and private both networks. Cloud Computing definition refers to […]