How to reduce the cost of Azure IaaS Virtual Machines

Azure Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offers significant benefits over traditional virtualization. With benefits like the possibility to quickly spin up a couple of virtual machine in any Azure region around the world whenever you need it, is pretty powerful. There are a lot more benefits to Azure IaaS virtual machines. However, that’s not part of this blog. […]

Hosting a static web site in Azure under $1 USD/month in 5 mins

If you’re looking for a best hosting space for your static web site here’s the deal! If I would say that you can host your static website under $1 USD /month you wouldn’t probably trust me. But trust me its true and it’s fairly easy to do under 5 mins. If your intention is to […]

Accessing Azure Tables using C#

Using Azure Storage account you can create schemaless, NoSQL document databases with Azure Tables. This is a very straight forward way to create NoSQL databases than any other NoSQL databases compared. Azure Table works as a key/attribute store with a schema-less design. Access to Azure Storage is done through a storage account it contains a […]

Creating cost-effective solutions with Azure Functions

In the cloud world when you heard the term cost-effective what would comes to your mind? Is it IaaS Virtual Machines or PaaS services? Probably yes if you were not aware of the “Serverless”! What serverless? yes, you heard right, even the word makes you little confusing, of course, something similar that is happening in […]

How to use Azure file shares and Azure File Sync

Azure File Sync is a centralized file share in your organization. It helps to share files within the organization with flexibility, performance, and compatibility with on-premises file servers. Azure File Sync can transform on-prem Windows Server to a quick cache of the file share. Using any protocol available on Windows Server to access data locally […]