Azure Files getting more powerful!

This news will be good for azure developers and IT professional who use Azure files in their daily usage. Azure files is a public cloud storage which is secure and fully managed. This include Azure file sync, which has full capacity of redundancy options and hybrid capabilities. Azure file share is developed by Azure storage account. An azure storage account is representing a pool of storage which used in multiple storage services with azure file services. With Azure Files, there are other storage services like Azure Blob storage, Azure Queue storage and Azure table storage.

So lets see what are the content it got new!

It got some new features like, ability to upgrade the existing general purpose storage accounts and the existing file shares. And also they have expanded the regional coverage. And also improvements in the performance and scale of sync to work easily with the larger file shares. And also now its supporting for both local and zonal redundant storages in all over 13 regions.

Pricing of Azure Files

When comes to pricing at the first year of Azure, you can use if for free. You will get 12 months free access to all Azure storage accounts. Azure has increased the capacity and the scale of standard file shares, but these new improvements will gain you a zero cost to your budget. Azure will give these facilities soon to all regions and if you want to check the region availability of these services you can refer this link and check whether your region is eligible or not.

Creating a new storage account

In the first place, you dont need to register again for Azure files, lager share files feature. Then just check for the regions, your one is supported or not. Then you can start creating the account. While creating just go to the Advanced tab and enable the Large File Shares feature. If you want some details steps to how to enable the large file shares support you can refer this link. With this new account, you can create new shares by default have 100 TiB capacity with the increased scale.


When you have a existing account

If you already have an account, so you already in the supported region. So after login go to Configuration, then enable Larger file share feature and click on the Save. After saving the details, you can update the quota for exisiting shares under this account to more than 5 TiB. And all new shares create under this account will have 100 TiB capacity with the increased scale by default.


If you like to have a step by step guide, you can use this link to the guidance.

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