Microsoft Azure Review

What is Microsoft Azure?

We can describe Microsoft Azure as a set of tools, services and set of templates which use to improve the productivity of and IT / Software engineer. Microsoft Azure has number of features and functionalities which built by the Microsoft Corporation. IT Professionals using Azure to build and maintain enterprise, Web, mobile and IoT applications.

There are several advantages of Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure has a user friendly front end management interface. And also Azure works perfectly with Windows and also in Linux. Azure gives a better public cloud architecture software solution in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas). It also has more than 100 services. These end to end features will help you to optimize your workflow and allow you to create applications in different areas.

Benefits of Azure

Azure always gives the opportunity to develop the platform to modern, cross- platform applications in web and mobile domain. Azure portal allows users to store the information in the cloud and backup them with easy and quick recovery option. Don’t ever think Azure can only run simple applications, it also support for the large scale computing processes.

Start this for free and unlimited

In the first step, you can start it for free and unlimited. Then you can go for a plan and decide what will be the what is the best method to start working. And also you can build your applications with Node.js, ASP.NET, PHP and you can deploy your applications using TFS – Team Foundation Server , Git or FTP.

Infrastructure migration

We can easily deploy the Linux and Windows Server machines easily. And also migrate applications and infrastructure without doing any single change in your previous code.

Best for the enterprise

If you already having problems with the authentication, you can incorporate push notifications and user authentication also. With azure you can create highly available, highly scalable applications. You can work with fully compatible enterprise ready Hadoop service with the access of System center and Active directory.

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