Azure Files getting more powerful!

This news will be good for azure developers and IT professional who use Azure files in their daily usage. Azure files is a public cloud storage which is secure and fully managed. This include Azure file sync, which has full capacity of redundancy options and hybrid capabilities. Azure file share is developed by Azure storage […]

Microsoft Azure Review

What is Microsoft Azure? We can describe Microsoft Azure as a set of tools, services and set of templates which use to improve the productivity of and IT / Software engineer. Microsoft Azure has number of features and functionalities which built by the Microsoft Corporation. IT Professionals using Azure to build and maintain enterprise, Web, […]

Office 365 Phishing scams

Currently, Cloud technologies has become a new trend and so most of the industrial aspects moving their main components to cloud . There are number of advantages when you moving to cloud. Efficiency and Cost Reduction, Data protection, Scalability, Mobility, Disaster Recovery, Competitive Edge and Control will be some good advantages to cloud computing in […]