Cloud Computing – Basic Concepts (1)

Hello Everyone, So as the first article of Cloud Computing Basic Concepts, we’re going to discuss about what is cloud computing, why cloud computing and when we need it. Basically we can say that Cloud is the internet. Cloud can provide its service for the public and private both networks. Cloud Computing definition refers to […]

Creating cost-effective solutions with Azure Functions

In the cloud world when you heard the term cost-effective what would comes to your mind? Is it IaaS Virtual Machines or PaaS services? Probably yes if you were not aware of the “Serverless”! What serverless? yes, you heard right, even the word makes you little confusing, of course, something similar that is happening in […]

How to use Azure file shares and Azure File Sync

Azure File Sync is a centralized file share in your organization. It helps to share files within the organization with flexibility, performance, and compatibility with on-premises file servers. Azure File Sync can transform on-prem Windows Server to a quick cache of the file share. Using any protocol available on Windows Server to access data locally […]